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Easy, Peasy Key Lime Pie

For the last 9 months I have been looking forward to the day I found myself back in the kitchen.  As those closest to me know, my babies are really unkind to me during the prenatal phase and I usually spend the first 7 months of each pregnancy sick as a dog all day, every… Read More Easy, Peasy Key Lime Pie


Cribs, Gliders, and Car Seats, oh my!

Parenthood is full of unknowns. Particularly for first-time parents, the second that test reads “positive” is the moment your head is flooded with questions. What will my baby look like? Act like? Sound like? How will he or she change me? Change us? And, perhaps, the scariest (and most unnerving) question of all: what in the… Read More Cribs, Gliders, and Car Seats, oh my!


Meeting Penelope: Big Brothers Edition

Last week I wrote my first post in a series about welcoming our new baby girl, Penelope, into our family. In that post, I shared personal insight into some of the fears and doubts that many moms, including myself, experience when it comes to the kind of impact introducing a new baby may have on… Read More Meeting Penelope: Big Brothers Edition


Meeting Penelope

Well, to say that it has been an eventful week around here would be quite the understatement. As many of you who follow me on social media know, this past Wednesday our family welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Penelope Mae, into the world. Her arrival was much anticipated and long awaited — my youngest son… Read More Meeting Penelope


Stay Tuned!

Happy Monday, everyone! As many of you will probably notice, my site has undergone something of a transformation in recent weeks. After a longer-than-planned hiatus from blogging, I will be back with full force very soon with so much new content to share with all of you! I have so missed blogging and I am… Read More Stay Tuned!