Meet Ashley

Hi there and welcome to the Best of Die Wurst! I’m Ashley, wife to my husband, mommy to my two boys and one brand new best girl, and snuggler of German Shepherds. My family and I live just north of New York City in Westchester County, NY, where I spend my time teaching Social Studies, solidifying my status as a crazy hockey mom, and conquering any and all domestic endeavors in between.

Having grown up in a very German and very American household, I am addicted to multitasking, coffee, and sports. I’m also allergic to small talk and idle time — hence all the coffee!  On this blog you will find my musings on all my labors of love; including parenthood, marriage, careers, and home related projects. I promise to share my best tips with you on how to find balance amidst the chaos while maintaining your sense of humor — and sanity! Such a thing is possible, I promise!