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Easy, Peasy Key Lime Pie

For the last 9 months I have been looking forward to the day I found myself back in the kitchen. ¬†As those closest to me know, my babies are really unkind to me during the prenatal phase and I usually spend the first 7 months of each pregnancy sick as a dog all day, every… Read More Easy, Peasy Key Lime Pie

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Supper Sunday, November 6th Edition

Can you believe it’s November already?! Halloween is behind us, Thanksgiving is officially on the horizon and — for some of us — Christmas is about to take centerstage. Mother Nature has finally gotten her act together and decided to stop sprinkling a 70 or 75 degree day in here and there as most days… Read More Supper Sunday, November 6th Edition

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All Apple Everything!

And just like that. . . just when you thought I was gone for good….I’m back! That’s right, after a month long hiatus from the blogosphere I have reemerged just in time for a post devoted to one of my all-time favorite fruits: apples. Here in New York, we consider ourselves particularly devoted to apples;… Read More All Apple Everything!

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Meal Planning, Week Three!

As promised, back again for another round of recipe reviews and meal planning menus! Ok so admittedly I am one day late. Between hockey and lacrosse and decorating for fall (more on that later) and lesson planning, something had to give this weekend and my little blog had to be it. This being my first… Read More Meal Planning, Week Three!

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Meal Planning, take 2!

Hi all! As promised last week, I’m back with Round 2 of meal planning. After a very successful week of yummy recipes in Round 1, I’ve got a new lineup set for the week and ready to share the love with all of you. But before the main event, I figured I would share a… Read More Meal Planning, take 2!

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Back in the Saddle, again….

Well folks, it’s finally here: the dawn of the new school year is upon us. In just a matter of hours, we jump back on that hamster wheel of schedules, routines, and all the demands of school, work, and weekends hockey. Seeing as though I just returned to the classroom last year, I am still somewhat… Read More Back in the Saddle, again….

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Tomato, To-mah-to

Nothing says summer quite like a harvest of fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables.  Here in the Northeast and New England, we don’t get to enjoy too many varieties of homegrowns outside of the summer season. But our gardens do pack a mean punch when its their time to shine! That being said, I do everything in… Read More Tomato, To-mah-to